6 March 2024
by niop

The Holdim Group, active since the early ’90s in the automotive sector with a focus on sustainable mobility, alternative fuels, and engine calibration, has acquired 100 percent of Rail Srl, a company based in Vezzano sul Crostolo, Reggio Emilia, that designs and manufactures injectors and valves for gaseous fuels and biofuels marketed worldwide. The value of the transaction will not be disclosed.

The new entry, which retains its current management structure, will thus join historic realities and brands associated with or connected to the Holdim Group – Ecomotive Solutions with Cavagna Group, Autogas Italia, and Bigas – for the creation of innovative products aimed at low-environmental-impact mobility, with developments directed, alongside biomethane, compressed and liquefied natural gas, and LPG, also towards hydrogen and biofuels.

In commenting on the acquisition, finalized on January 26, Giovanni Deregibus, founder of the Holdim Group, stated: “We are pleased to welcome an established entity like Rail Srl into our group. This addition allows us to complete our Made in Italy offering in the world of alternative fuels and conversions.

Ecomotive Solutions offers the well-established Diesel Dual Fuel platform, which enables giving a second life to diesels on the market by powering them with a dynamic blend of diesel and natural gas. Together with Cavagna Group, which joined its corporate structure in 2022, it promotes the spread of advanced poly-fuel engines from a low-carbon perspective. Autogas Italia and Bigas are historic and well-proven brands in the gas conversion of cars, boats, and heavy vehicles. Together, they are leading innovative projects particularly related to the use of hydrogen in automotive applications and solutions such as DME, dimethyl ether.

Rail, with over 4 million injectors sold since 2006 in thirty countries, boasts among its partners, among
others, the Chinese OEM industry, in addition to numerous taxi fleets, and has already developed systems for hydrogen applications. Intense experimental activities have been conducted with universities in Italy and abroad. Following collaborations with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in the early years, successful tests were carried out for the conversion of heavy vehicles to methane using a special valve for optimizing performance and reducing emissions, in partnership with West Virginia University and the University of Perugia.

The team thus positions itself as a comprehensive technological partner, not excluding any
transformation mode a priori, including bi-fuel and full gas conversions, to meet a wide range of optimization requests.

“We look with even more confidence at the projects already underway and those to come,” concludes Deregibus, “and we aim for broad product and market developments. Rail’s presence across all continents further consolidates
our position in the international market and opens us up to new challenges. With this new union, we have launched an important technological and industrial hub.”

At the helm of Rail, Luigi Stevani and Rocco Grossi are confirmed, both with extensive experience in the automotive sector, which led to the establishment of the Emilian company in 2006.

Since 1991, the Holdim Group, based in Serralunga di Crea (AL), has been developing solutions for electronic engine management, with a progressive expansion of activities focusing on the circular economy. It includes Ecomotive Solutions, electronic engine control systems for alternative fuels and renewable energies, which also owns the brands Autogas Italia and Bigas, Dimsport, electronic tuning for the automotive sector, GLF Turbine, stator components for gas turbines, GreenForce, new technologies for sustainable mobility, and Valis, specialists in fuel vapor recovery and industrial plant engineering. Info: www.holdim.it

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