RAIL has now been in the business for over 17 years and throughout that time has always displayed a constant capacity for growth and innovation, as testified by the goals attained year by year.

From supplying international markets in 2014 to improving the performance of products like the IGI Apache HD injector, through to the development of new lines such as the Tyrion reducer and revolutionary IG4 Dakota OEM injector.

Ongoing investments in research and development have led to an expansion of our product range and enabled us to penetrate new segments of the market, as evidenced by our entrance into the CNG and LNG reducer sector.

Our strive towards innovation and to improve our production processes is what drives the irrepressible development of RAIL in its endeavour to become a leading player in its particular sector.


We supply IG1, IG1 Apache injectors to Chinese OEMs


IG1 Apache HD/ IG1 2014: increased product lifespan and reliability, with a consequently longer warranty period


IG1 Apache HD injectors last over 150,000 km in a group of taxis in Thailand, without requiring any maintenance


IG1 Apache HD/ IG1 2014: no complaints about performance or lifespan since 2014


RAIL celebrates its tenth anniversary


IG7 Dakota reaches 1 billion cycles in laboratory endurance tests


3,620,000 of 4- ,3- and 2-cylinder injectors sold between 2006 and December 2019


IG7 Dakota: All-time minimum number of complaints from the field


Production of the Tyrion CNG reducer begins


Beginning of production of the IG4 Dakota AM and OEM injector and development of the LNG Greener reducer


ISO 15500 certification in India for IG4, IG7 and LNG Greener


Work in progress, new products and new solutions

Professionalism and constant commitment.

RAIL was established in 2006 with the core business of designing, manufacturing and marketing injectors for LPG/CNG systems in the automotive industry.

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